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An exclusive Community for Active Duty, Veteran, and MilSpouse real estate investors to LEARN, NETWORK, and TAKE ACTION!

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The online hub for Active Duty, Veteran, and MilSpouse real estate investors to learn and network for less than the price of Netflix.

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Have you ever asked yourself, "How Do I Get Started?"

Well, you're not alone! In fact, this is the #1 question we hear time and time we decided to do something about it đź‘Š

For the past year, we have been busy working behind the scenes on building a community offering real estate education that actually works while celebrating camaraderie, competition, and fostering a spirit of support. 

Introducing, ADPI Campus™, the premier platform and online space for Military Real Estate Investors™ everywhere 🫡

Whether you're brand new trying to figure out how to get started or you're a seasoned vet looking to find partners and scale - this is THE COMMUNITY for you. 

We have always believed to succeed in real estate you need to adopt the ADPI Triad™:


While we can't control if you actually take action, we CAN bring you the best and most up-to-date education, tools, and network for less than the price of your monthly Netflix subscription 📺 

What Your Membership Includes 👇

🤝 Community

This is for the Military Community. Only we understand each other's struggles when it comes to serving our country which makes the relationships and advice in this membership unique to us. Connect with others to learn, partner, take down deals, and build your real estate empire.

đź“š Education

When you join you'll get instant access to hours of top-notch professional Military Real Estate Investor™ education and weekly actionable Community Workshops designed to sharpen your real estate investing saw and get you off the YouTube University and endless audiobook hampster wheel.

🧰 Resources

Education without resources is like having a row boat with no paddles. When you join the ADPI Campus™ community you'll have the opportunity to unlock powerful books, calculators, guides, checklists, and special member discounts not available anywhere else in the ADPI community.

Bootcamp Community


Your Membership Includes:

  • Bootcamp Mini Course
  • Full Community Access
  • Weekly Real Estate Workshops
  • Resources + Tools
  • Access to Deal Room
  • Exclusive Member Discounts
  • 7 Day Free Trial
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What You Get When You Join Today

BOOTCAMP Mini Course

Are you stuck wanting financial freedom but don't know how to get started? Our new Bootcamp Mini Course is your shortcut to unveiling the path that will lead you to success. In just a few short hours, you'll uncover your Military Financial Freedom Number™, choose your Investor Path, and relieve yourself of the anxiety and guess work.

Deal Room

Are you looking to sell one of your investment properties? Or, maybe you've got a screaming deal in the hopper, but you need some like-minded partners to get to the closing table.

Regardless of your situation, our Deal Room is the space for Military Real Estate Investors™ looking to level up and scale.

Weekly Workshops + Community  Events

Join us for special live workshops, interviews, and training where we'll address your challenges and answer your most frequently asked Military Real Estate Investor™ questions. Tune in live to smash through the roadblocks and get the answers you need when you need them.

Member Only Rewards

From discounts on ADPICON tickets to special deals on our advanced courses, masterminds, and pays to be a member of ADPI Campus™. Complete each course and follow the action steps to unlock the full potential of the ADPI Campus™ platform and save even more on key services inside our trusted partner portal!

Resource Library

Complete the Bootcamp Mini Course to unlock free instant access to a regularly updated library of our best resources that CANNOT be found anywhere else. These are all designed to help you accelerate your real estate investing journey. Have questions our resources can't answer? Join the Conversation for instant feedback and support!

Frequently Asked Questions

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