We all want to know WHEN we will reach our own financial "Freedom Number."

Don't you wish you could have a glimpse into your future of Real Estate Investing?

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Imagine a new Military Retirement Calculator.
Get a glimpse into your financial future through real estate investing. Actually see how soon you will reach your financial freedom number! 
You already know that real estate investing is the best way to grow your wealth and generate passive income through cashflow. But how can you take the complexity of compounding and recycling cashflow to buy more rental properties? What will that look like in the future? What will your income and equity be at any given month or year in the future?
Here is how it works:
Provide an average purchase price, downpayment, monthly savings, rental income, interest rate, and expenses... and the app takes care of the rest! It will use your monthly savings and each property's cashflow to grow your down payment for each consecutive property... as time goes by, this strategy will snowball and grow your wealth and income exponentially! 
We wanted to make this visual... show your family and friends what your financial future looks like! Help them understand the power of real estate investing!

Use your averages

There is no way to predict the exact properties you will purchase in the future. Using averages for the type of properties you like investing in will act as a solid cornerstone of all your predictions and calculations.

The power of appreciation

Your financial future has a lot of variables. The real estate market is not exactly predictable, however, when calculated across many years, it can be a very useful metric.

See the future

As you drag you finger across your unique graph, you'll see how many properties you own, your total equity, and how much monthly cashflow you are earning.

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